Academy and Trust Documents

What is a Voluntary Academy?

The title ‘voluntary academy’ is the preferred title, in the Catholic Education Sector for what the DfE calls ‘converter academies.’ The title was introduced by Bishop Malcolm MacMahon when Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools were first given permission to become academies in 2011. The term is a reminder of our former Voluntary Aided status, and the way our schools have a long established tradition of support from our Catholic communities and also freedoms granted by the state to provide a state funded Catholic education. The term is also a reminder that our academy conversions as good or outstanding schools, was by invitation, and did not involve a sponsor.

Which Schools are members of the Trust?

All Hallows Catholic College became a Voluntary Academy and founding member of The Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Academy Trust (HFNCAT) on 1 January 2013. We have retained our familiar name but the description ‘A Voluntary Academy’ has been added.

St Alban’s Catholic Primary, Macclesfield: Joined 1 March 2015

Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary, Congleton: Joined 1 April 2015

St Paul’s Catholic Primary, Poynton: Joined 1 March 2015


Which schools are eligible for Trust membership?

St Benedict’s Catholic Primary, Handforth

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary, Bollington

Articles and Agreements

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