BBC School Report 2018



BBC School Report 2018

  Title Download Link
    Social Media Good or Evil?  Please Click Here
   A Right to Education  Please Click Here
   The Benefits of Farms in Schools Please Click Here
  A Healthy Lifestyle and the Importance of Sport   Please Click Here
  Tackling Obesity  Please Click Here 
  Does the Appearance of Women in the Media Affect Self-Esteem?  Please Click Here


BBC School Report 2017

Produced Title Download Link
Owen, Bradley, George and George UFC: What is it Please Click
Aidan, Grace, Ben, Millie and Charlotte Is What We Learn In School Relevant Please Click
Lucy, Mia, Amelia and Sophie Disney Princesses: Postive role models or not Please Click
Lily, Lottie, Will and Dan Staying safe on Social Media Please Click
Bryn, Sam and Alex The Importance of First Aid in School Please Click


BBC School Report 2016

Produced Title Download Link
Isabella, Pippa, Scott and Rosie A Day in the Life of All Hallows Please Click
Louis and Conor News on the Italy Trip Please Click
Jack, Luke, Ryan, Ben, and Dominic World News Please Click
Jade, Rebecca, Jack and Olivia College Farm Please Click
Emily and Erin Our BBC News Report Please Click


BBC School Report 2015

Produced Title Download Link
Antonio and Ben  Cyber bullying Please Click
calum The Great Llama Escape Please Click
Cora Opening Statement Please Click
 Ben and Donald  Mr Billing Interview Please Click
 Miss E Stebbing Miss E Stebbing Interview Please Click
 Megan and Ben Mr Kelly Interview Please Click
Erin and Ben Cyber Bullying Please Click