For New Year 7 2016

Year 5 Open Morning
Monday 16 May
9.30.a.m.– 11.00.a.m

Year 6 Parents’ Coffee morning
Friday 10 June
10.00.a.m.– 11.00.a.m

Year 6 Parents’ Afternoon Tea
Monday 13 June
2.00.p.m.– 3.00.p.m

Year 6 Parents’ Afternoon Tea
Thursday 23 June
2.00.p.m.– 3.00.p.m

Year 6 Parents’ Afternoon Tea
Wednesday 29 June
2.00.p.m.– 3.00.p.m

Liverpool Hope University Experience
4th – 6th July (details to follow)

Year 6 Induction day     
Friday 8 July
9.00.a.m.– 3.30.p.m

This day is designed to help our new students finally get familiar with All Hallows, and their new Form Tutor as well as their new Form Group. They will spend the day getting to know each other and getting to know key staff so that when they arrive in September they already feel at home.

The day will consist of some experiences that allows them to introduce themselves, as well as making sure they know their way around the College and some base line assessment work to ensure that, those students who need it, receive the support they need.

In the evening there is a disco where they can, in an informal setting, get to know the current Year 7 students with whom they share Key stage 3 experiences.

Year 6 Awards Evening
Monday 11 July
7.00.p.m.– 8.30.p.m

Year 7/8 Disco
Friday 15 July
6.30.p.m.– 8.30.p.m