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Teaching and Learning at All Hallows

At All Hallows we have a well established model of teaching and learning which informs all of our lesson planning and drives professional development throughout our college. These are the comments from our Outstanding OfSTED report in April 2011 demonstrating its impact:‘The quality of teaching has improved due to the college’s impressive action research work that has focused on determining, modeling and implementing a unique framework of teaching and learning.’‘Lessons are consistently planned and include a wide variety of activities that motivate students and extend their learning.’

TEEP Champion School

All Hallows is one of three National TEEP Champion schools. TEEP stands for The Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme. The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) was set up in 2002 by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation to develop a model of effective teaching and learning drawn from research and best practice. All Hallows provides training for teachers from other schools and receives many national and international visitors come to see TEEP learning in action. If you are interested in exploring TEEP for your own development or your school contact Mrs A Connor, Director of Romero Teaching School Alliance on am.connor@allhallows.org.uk

The TEEP Model

The TEEP model of Effective Teaching for Effective Learning was developed in response to the needs of education systems, schools, teachers and students. It is a framework with a strong pedagogical foundation, to support a consistent approach to Teaching and Learning.


The TEEP model draws on significant research (Hay McBer, Reynolds and Muijs.) that has identified what is required of teachers and of learners in order for them to gain the best learning outcomes possible. The model, represented in the graphic opposite is made up of three significant components each with important elements that are inextricably connected yet need to be recognised individually for their contribution to the teaching and learning process.

The model includes a six part lesson planning cycle (in the centre) which is built on what we know about effective learning. The stages of learning are shared with students so they can reflect on how to improve their own learning.

The Five Pillars of Learning

Supporting the TEEP model we have developed The Five Pillars of Learning, which form our Closing the Gap Strategy. This is a strategy to make sure every student makes progress, whatever there background or starting point, in our high performing academy with Leading Edge Status.

The Pillars are developed from the research informing the Sutton Trust – Education Endowment Fund Teaching and Learning Toolkit. They will guide our interventions and action research over the next two to three years.

Click on each of The Five Pillars to find out which themes are being explored in our Staff Learning, Action Research and Intervention Programmes.

Pillars_1 Pillars_2 Pillars_3 Pillars_4 Pillars_5 Pillars_text

The TEEP Film

All Hallows features in a new film produced by the Specialist School and Academies Trust (SSAT). It gives a summary of key aspects of the programme and TEEP cycle, feedback from teachers and gives insights into how TEEP training can help schools

Click here to view the film http://www.teep.org.uk/teepvideo.asp

Click here to go to Gatsby http://www.gatsby.org.uk/en/Education/Projects/TEEP.aspx


PedEx (Pedagogy Exchange) is a journal produced by the All Hallows staff to share teaching strategies and tips.

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