Extreme Weather

(Snow Fall I Ice)

These are the procedures we have in place for extreme weather conditions. The Principal takes advice from the Business Manager and then makes the decision as to whether or not a closure if necessary. Every effort will be made to make a decision as early as possible.
A decision to CLOSE will be announced on:
All Hallows Website
And as soon as it is practical by:
Text message
If no announcement is made, then the College is OPEN.
Please do not attempt to telephone the College as this will block the telephone lines which will be used for emergencies.
If the College remains open, your child will need to make every attempt to get to their usual bus stop on time. If the bus fails to turn up, your child should return home after 30 minutes waiting time.
In the event of heavy snowfall during the College day, any decision to close early will be announced using the means above. Students are not allowed to use mobile ‘phones whilst in College, and we request that you do not rely on individual messages that come to you from any source other than the official announcements. If the College closes during the normal College day, parents will also be informed by text-message.
If it is necessary to close the College for more than one day, parents will be informed, again, through the College website, text message and our Twitter.
Obviously the College will remain open unless the weather conditions present an obvious danger to safety.
In periods of adverse weather we ask parents to use their judgement as to the weather conditions where you live and the distance of travel when deciding if their child attends college each day. If you make the decision to not send your child to College when we are open and buses/cars are still running from your area, the absence may be unauthorised. Please call college to explain your circumstances if you will be keeping your child at home to assist us in ensuring registers are coded correctly.

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