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Home College Agreements

Key Stages 3 and 4

As a student at All Hallows I will try to:

  • Remember that All Hallows is a Catholic College and that I should take advantage of all the opportunities offered to develop my spiritual nature as well as my learning. I should  aspire not to have more but to be more;
  • Keep the College rules and behave correctly;
  • Attend College every day unless I am ill;
  • Wear all the College uniform correctly and with pride;
  • Make sure my books and equipment are ready in my bag each night for college the next day;
  • Do my best in all my lessons and follow the teacher’s requests;
  • Present my work neatly taking pride in my writing and my ideas, and always try to improve on my achievements;
  • Respect other students and all the people who work here;
  • Complete my homework on time;
  • Make sure my parents and teachers are aware of messages in my Homework Planner;
  • Make sure all letters sent from my home or my College are delivered the same day;
  • Behave properly on my way to and from College whether walking or on a bus.

As a family we will try to:

Be aware that All Hallows has been established by the Catholic Church to provide students with access to the National Curriculum and access to the Catholic faith in order to develop his or her understanding and practice of the teachings of Jesus and the Church

Ensure our child goes to College regularly and on time

Ensure our child wears the full College uniform

See our child is properly equipped for lessons

Support College policies regarding behaviour

Ensure homework set in College is done

Take an active interest in our child’s College life

Attend Parent’s Evenings when possible

Be involved in Parent Teacher Association events where possible

Communicate to the College information which may affect our child

The College will try to:
Provide a safe and stimulating College life, based on Gospel Values

Celebrate the achievements of students and inform parents

Contact parents with problems regarding attendance, punctuality, equipment and behaviour

Support parents in ensuring the College uniform is worn

Contact parents when we use our legal right to place a student in an after College detention

Send home a written report each year in addition to a verbal subject report at Parent’s Evening

Let parents know of any concerns we have about their child’s work, progress or behaviour

Insist all students observe our behaviour policy

Meet the requirements of students with Special Needs within resources available

Set and mark homework as appropriate

Keep parents informed about College activities through letters, newsletters, emails, texts and notices

Sixth Form Student/College Agreement

The College will:

  • Value each individual.
  • Encourage students to set for themselves the highest possible standards of achievement in everything that they do, to value academic excellence and to develop a love of learning whilst at College and in      preparation for further and higher education/employment.
  • To provide information, advice and support to students to help educational and employment needs.
  • Provide a range of extra-curricular opportunities and experience within the sixth form and outside college that will enrich the curriculum.
  • Encourage students to make maximum use of their time and develop their time-management skills.
  • Monitor and review student performance regularly and set academic targets.
  • Develop a close and mutually supportive partnership with parents in the educational and personal development of our young people.

    As a student I will:

  • Respect and positively contribute to the College ethos.
  • Attend College between 8.45 and 3.30 daily (2.45 Wed)
  • Maintain good attendance (target 97%).
  • Wear the code of dress as issued and displayed on the College Website/planner.
  • Work to the best of my ability at all times.
  • Behave in an adult and mature way.
  • Be respectful of other members of the College and community.
  • Ensure that all work is completed and handed in on time.
  • Meet Targets set.
  • Attend and be punctual for all timetabled lessons, tutor periods, directed study      periods, assemblies and other collective acts of worship.  Any absence must be accounted for.
  • Comply with any extra-curricular demands necessary to the course of study, e.g. attend field studies and engage in Enrichment days/HE/Apprenticeship Programme
  • Meet examination board requirements
  • Achieve a satisfactory* standard in Key Assessments and Examinations (*Target grade)
  • Not engage in outside activities to the detriment of my studies, including excessive      paid employment.
  • Refrain from anti-social or illegal behaviour.
  • Refrain from smoking in College or near the College grounds
  • Use College equipment and facilities appropriately
  • ‘Sign Out’ with appropriate permission if I need to leave College throughout the day.
  • ‘Sign In’ if I am unavoidably late to College