Incubator hire

We provide our chick hatching service to schools, nurseries as well as homes to give the opportunity to hatch eggs and see how chicks develop.

Your classroom can experience the excitement of watching the eggs hatch and being the first to meet the new arrivals. Because our incubators are fully automatic there is no need to turn the eggs and the incubator provides the ideal conditions.

What we offer:

  • Primary school visit and talk given to the class
  • We will set the incubator and broody box up on site
  • Incubator
  • Advice and support
  • Food and bedding
  • Chick housing for when the eggs have hatched
  • We will collect the chicks and equipment at the end of the hire period, or you can keep the female to start your own flock

We offer delivery for free within 3 miles of All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield Cheshire. Please speak to us to find out costs for schools further away.