At All Hallows we value Cultural Education and believe that students should play a significant role in developing this within and beyond College life. It is for this reason that we charged Year 10 student Aidan Feely with the task of putting on an abridged version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A cast of 17 strong students have been rehearsing this tragedy for the last 7 weeks and the first performance will be on Dec 5th. The performance only lasts half an hour and will be performed in the Drama studio. It cost £3 to get in and proceeds will be split between the Department and The India Clinic.

Hamlet is a tragedy set in ancient Denmark. The main protagonist is Prince Hamlet, the son of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude.

When the play opens, King Hamlet has recently died. Claudius, King Hamlet’s brother, has been crowned the new King and has married Gertrude. Shortly after his mother’s marriage, Prince Hamlet meets his father’s spirit.

People believe that King Hamlet was killed by a poisonous snake bite. However, the Ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius. Claudius killed the king by pouring poison into his ear while he slept. He says that Claudius has seduced Gertrude and stolen the throne. The spirit implores Hamlet to seek revenge.

To see the story unfold come to All Hallows and support our students in their re telling of this timeless play.