Performing Arts

Hi all, well done for tonight, excellent standard. If your name does not appear in the recall list this does NOT mean you have been unsuccessful, it means we are unable to make a final decision until we have seen the people below again. We are also seeing a few people on Monday who could not make the audition tonight. Recalls will take place on MONDAY 9th October, in F20, after school. 3:30pm-5pm, please come prepared.

Recall for Ariel-Jahra Galvez

Gemma Barnshaw
Emily Waddington

Recall for Ursula

Bella Clayton
Mai Craig
Zoe Joint
Madeline Ward
Holly Pipon
Caithlin O’Connor

Recall for Flounder

Emily Kotas
Penelope Dixon
Jenny Glynn
Archy Ashton

Recall for Sebastian

Sophie Cooke
Murray Maclaren
Harry Roberts

Recall for Scuttle

Harry Roberts
Georgia Hodgkinson

Recall for Prince Eric

Ben Prior
Murray Maclaren
Oliver Carter

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