Admissions – FAQ

How are the places allocated at All Hallows?
The governors are the admissions authority in this Catholic Voluntary Academy and the criteria for admissions are mutually agreed by the governors and the trustees, the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

How do I apply for a place in Year 7?
In the autumn term of Year 6, local authorities issue a Common Application Form to parents and the form is also available on line. Where ever you live, you fill in your home authority form. You will need to name a number of schools and be clear about your first choice being All Hallows.

My child attends one of the named Learning Community primary schools, but is not Catholic, will (s)he be able to get into All Hallows?
Yes. The admission number of 210 exceeds the number of children in Year 6 in these schools. The governors have adopted this criterion to ensure children can progress to All Hallows with their friends from these primary schools and to  ensure (together with the sibling criteria) that children in the same family can attend the same place for secondary education.

My Child attends the joint Church school, Christ The King, is there anything I need to know?
Yes. The criteria are written ensure that Children from the different Church traditions could progress through to All Hallows. All children from this school can progress to All Hallows if they wish to do so.

My Child attends St John the Evangelist C/E Primary School what is the situation for entry in Year 7?
St John the Evangelist C/E Primary School is one of seven All Hallows Learning Community primary schools formally named at in the admissions criteria. This came as a result of a formal request, made by the governors of St John’s and the Anglican Diocese of Chester, to the Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury. All Hallows is pleased to be able to provide continuing Christian education for the pupils at St John’s, the vast majority of whom transfer to All Hallows.

My Child attends another Church school, which is not named in your admissions criteria, what is the situation for entry in Year 7?
All Hallows is pleased to welcome pupils who have already attended other Church schools and whose parents wish them to continue their education in a Church school. Children who have been baptised or dedicated within other Christian traditions are given a higher priority in the criteria. A baptismal or dedication certificate should be copied and submitted with the supplementary application form to support this criterion.

My Child attends another local school, which is not named in your admissions criteria, what is the situation for entry in Year 7?
When spaces are available, All Hallows is pleased to welcome pupils who have already attended other non faith schools and whose parents wish them to be educated in our Catholic College. Preference is first given to children who have been baptised or dedicated within other Christian traditions and then to other children who have not been baptised or dedicated. Parents provide evidence of baptism or dedication, where possible, and agree to support the Christian ethos of All Hallows Catholic College by signing the supplementary application form.

My child is not in one of your named learning community primary schools, will I still be able to get a place?
The current numbers in All Hallows Learning Community primary schools mean that we are able to offer a significant number of places to the wider community. Competition for places varies year on year and being able to fulfill one of the higher criteria increases your chances of success. Admission patterns show that:

• Children who are Catholic, but are not attending one of our Learning Community schools always secure a place.

• Children who are members of other Christian denominations (Baptismal Certificate or Minister’s letter) always secure a place.

• Other children whose parents express a preference for a Christian education usually to secure places where All Hallows is named as first choice.

Does it matter what choice I make All Hallows?
All schools operate an equal preference system for admissions and no school discriminates against applicants who have not made their school first choice. However, it is important that you make a clear decision at an early stage based on the school you would really like to be offered and record this choice on the application form. Here at All Hallows, by the end of the offers process, the pattern has been that the vast majority of places go to FIRST CHOICE applicants. In all cases it is important that parents value the Catholic Christian ethos of All Hallows, which underpins its status as an outstanding school.

Are there children who have additional special consideration for entry?
Yes, in keeping with our Christian values, Cared for Children and children with Statements of Special Educational needs are automatically granted places at the point of entry into Year 7, above all other criteria, and then in other years groups if there is a place available. In the case of children with special educational needs, the college first has to assess correctly that needs can be appropriately met. We have an extensive learning support department and address a wide range of individual needs.

In 2010 we started to receive children with hearing impairments. We have a hearing impaired resource base, a specially trained teacher and teaching assistant to cater for their needs. Parents are invited to make appointments for a dedicated tour to meet our staff and view the specialist resources. Please Click Here if you wish to read more about our provision.

How do I apply for a place in another year group?

You should use the local authority form and our admissions preference form. If places are available you will be invited to discuss your reasons for wanting to move your child to All Hallows. If there are no places available you will be placed on a waiting list. It is important to remember that places are allocated according to the admissions criteria, not according to the timing of the application. This means that if a place is available it will go to the child who is highest on the admissions criteria.

When is a good time to look around All Hallows?
Open events are publicised on a regular basis in the press and on our website. Many parents start looking at their options from Year 5 and some start from Year 4. A warm welcome is extended to all members of the local community who are interested in exploring the option of an education in a Church school for their children. You do not have to be Catholic or a practicing Christian, but you do need to be supportive of our Christian aims and values if a place is offered.

Can I talk to someone about my particular situation?
Yes, you can. If you would like advice or guidance please email: or telephone the Principal’s PA (Mrs P Metheringham), on 01625 410286. (If telephoning out of hours, please leave a message.).